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Saved view include how the parent and child activities are expanded/contracted


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    Hi Seth,

    Thanks for your suggestion, I will pass it on to our developers to consider. Currently, as you pointed out, whatever level a project is expanded/contracted to when you load a saved view is how it will be displayed in the view. So, if my activity center has all projects contracted and I load a saved view then any projects in that saved view will be contracted. 

    One thing you can try is, to easily see a list of activities in a saved view for a specific set of users, turn off the project view in the Customize Fields menu and that will let you easily see an activities list:


    1) Filter down to the relevant users:

    2) Click the customize fields button and uncheck the Project level view:

    3) Then adjust the activity centre layout to be in Flat view instead of Hierarchy view so it will flatten all the activities out to one level for you. You can still see the project name and click on it but its an easier view to see how a group of activities are doing:

    4) Then just save this layout as a saved view.

    I hope this helps,



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